Newsweek's has a cover story about the new Amazon Kindle. While the article raises the profile of moving to e-books higher than I ever remember seeing before, it doesn't appear to me that the Kindle will be catch on like the iPod and make e-books mainstream (yet). Kevin Kelly confirms my initial impression of the Kindle (from the photos on the Amazon) in this post. He said it lacks the "charisma of a Steve Jobs creation."

As I alluded to in my previous post, I think we're heading for an age of constant learning through technology and e-books will be a key part of it. I used to have nostalgia for my cd collection. Since I have been using my iPod, I've grown frustrated with my library of books. I am ready for the portable "universal" library, but I think I'd rather buy an iPod Touch to use for reading instead of a Kindle.

Of course, I was skeptical of the iPod until I finally bought one.

UPDATE: Slashdot links to a Forbes article discussing the possibility that Amazon may have already been outflanked by the iPhone.

MORE UPDATES: Cory Doctorow covers the regressive side of the Kindle here.

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