Favorite Moments from Tonight's Episode:

Sawyer's solicitude for Hurley on their trek through the Jungle
Jacob's movable shack
Charlie's message to Hurley
The Game of H.O.R.S.E.

One thing this episode illuminates is the extent of Jack's stubbornness. Since Hurley's flash forward predates Jack's from the third season finale, we know that once Jack fully realized his error he was crushed. As Lost comes to an end, one fascinating component of it will be how it closes its exploration of leadership, which has included the struggle between Jack and Locke and the cult of personality that is Ben. However, from the beginning, the show has established Jack as the ultimate and true leader of the group, but his leadership has been uneven, fuelled by an inner-rage, and now proven to be terribly misguided. Many great leaders make horrific mistakes before reaching glory. I personally would love to this arc resolved with Jack redeemed. But whichever way it ends, one of the legacies of Lost will be that it contains one of the most enduring commentaries on the nature of leadership in the history of popular culture.

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