Music Recommendation

There are few things more thrilling than making a blind commitment to large collection of music without previously hearing a note of it. Over my time as an avid music consumer, I have had the opportunity to do this a few times. One such occasion was my purchase nearly ten years ago of Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk. It's a gift that continues to pay dividends.

Just recently one of the small joys of it has been exposing my sons to the music, which seems exotic and strange to them. It contains many unique voices to them, which elicits hearty giggles from the boys. I'm hoping that the music will stick over the long-term.

(Another benefit of digital music. Its not just portable, its also an inheritance. They will start off at a young age with a vast and varied music collection that I could have only dreamed of. It's not just that they have access at home, but that they will be able to take it with them and explore).

This collection has grown so much on me over the years and contains many surprises, from the near-fossil versions of cultural staples (Stackolee) to songs with historical richness (Charles Giteau and When that Big Ship Went Down). It's a worthwhile investment.

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