Department of Political Courage

One of my favorite ads of the primary season was Mitt Romney's "Not Politically Correct" ad (link here). In the ad, he makes a bold statement: "Marriage must come before children, because every child deserves a mother and a father." Its this kind of moral courage and clarity I think every politician should emulate. For instance, "every American deserves a day with 24 hours" and "When I'm president, I want Americans to know that when they store water at a temperature of 32 degrees or less that it will become ice (given enough time)."

As Romney's statement obviously tells us, it is apparently possible for an unmarried man or woman to conceive a child through asexual reproduction. Of course, this is something I totally oppose. First, people should be married, and then, once they reproduce, they should do it sexually. This is what separates us from single-celled organisms. Well, and clones, because they deserve a mother and a father, but may not have one.

But, I wonder if Mitt has heard about this. We have already ruled out asexual reproduction, but science is now making it possible for some children to have a father and two mothers. So, should we say "every child deserves only one mother and one father", or "every child deserves at least one of each type of parent, as well as how many other parents fertility researchers can pack into one embryo."

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