Greatest Super Bowl Ever?

I am a Lions fan. However, while I wait for the NFL to award Detroit an expansion franchise after the Lions departure from professional football in 2000, I have been rooting on the Patriots (once Michigan quaterrback Tom Brady took over).

Despite Spy-Gate, this year was fun to watch, at least, up until the Super Bowl. The first three quarters were excruciating to watch. I wasn't bored, but unhappy with the prospect of the Pats losing 10-7. Then, in the fourth quarter, the Giants defense finally tired (very similar to the Colts game earlier this season) and there was an opening. The Patriots took advantage and scored. Suddenly, it like a weight was lifted from the game. That last Patriot touchdown took some of the pressure off the game. I was able to enjoy the rest of the game and was rewarded with one of the most memorable drives in NFL history.

In this column, Dr. Z calls this Super Bowl the best ever and alos grades the other 41. An enjoyable read, full of Dr. Z's patented crankiness. Also, the Sports Guy comes through with a column which perfectly captures the nearly-surreal experience of watching 19-0 pass through his grasp like Eli Manning through the hands of a Pats defender.

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