Gregg Easterbrook and a new urban legend

Back in September, ESPN columnist Gregg Easterbrook wrote a scathing and alarmist reaction to the Spygate scandal. Soon after, he questioned the NFL's handling of the situation (here).

I find Easterbrook's columns mildly entertaining and often disagree with him. In fact, I have linked to takedowns of Easterbrook in my blog.

In this case, have to admit that Easterbrook has been vindicated and he has been on the right track. He should keep the pressure on.

He mentioned that dark days are ahead for the NFL. In some senses, the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl can be viewed as a convenient outcome for the NFL, a relief. If the Pats had won, I think the story about the taping of the Rams walk-through in 2002 would have become an all-consuming story. Instead, I heard barely heard it mentioned in the post-game hoopla.

I think other fans noticed this too. On talk radio, people were calling saying they thought the NFL told the Pats to tank to take heat off for awhile. I do not think its true, but the problem is the idea is even being raised. I think it could become urban legend that the Pats took a dive in this Superbowl. And that's not good news for the NFL.

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